The Climax-Scotts, Springport, and Camden-Frontier High School Bands put on a masterful performance in the Masterworks Ensemble event Wednesday at C-S High School. (All photographs and video by Bruce Rolfe - Property of the Climax Crescent) 



Couple With Ties To Scotts Participate In Tagging Snowy Owls With Solar Powered Transmitters

Richard And Brenda Keith Part Of Project SNOWstorm

By Bruce Rolfe

A former Scotts resident and her husband who are avid bird enthusiasts and veteran bird banders, recently learned banding and tagging birds can bring new and fascinating experiences.

Richard and Brenda Keith, who have been banding birds for nearly 30 years, recently had the opportunity to participate in one of those rare and new experiences helping place solar powered transmitters onto Snowy Owls as part of Project SNOWstorm.   To read rest of story purchase the March 27, 2015 Climax Crescent available March 26 at Quik Stop in Climax, Pease Packing, Scotts, Scotts Country Store and Deli and Scotts Corner Cafe' in Scotts and the Galesburg Hardings Market, or stop by the Crescent 

Kalamazoo County Parks Hiring for Summer Jobs

Job Fair scheduled for Wednesday, March 25 

Kalamazoo, Mich. — Kalamazoo County Parks is hiring for summer positions at all of the County Parks and will hold a job fair on Wednesday, March 25 from 4:00-6:00pm. The job fair will be held in Room A at the Kalamazoo County Expo Center located at 2900 Lake Street.  local-news-calendar-of-events.php

Can We Talk?

By Crystal Rolfe

   A very touchy subject that is difficult to share and open up about is the topic of addiction. The dictionary defines addiction as: a compulsive need for and use of a habit-forming substance (as heroin, nicotine, or alcohol) characterized by tolerance and by well-defined physiological symptoms upon withdrawal; persistent compulsive use of a substance known by the user to be harmful. local-news-calendar-of-events.php

G-A Girls Leave Mark As A Team With A Lot Of Heart

By Bruce Rolfe

There have been other teams throughout the impressive history of the Galesburg-Augusta girls basketball program that have enjoyed postseason runs to the quarterfinals and even the finals. Those teams left their marks, bringing different qualities along the way.

This year’s G-A girls basketball team was no different. While the team fell short in last week’s regional championship game, this year’s team brought its own set of charactoristics eager to cut their own in the post season. The team had hoped to win the first regional championship at G-A since 2009, and continue the run further.

But the season ended way too early in the players’ minds March 12 after Homer pinned a 60-43 win over the Rams in the regional championship game at Concord.

Although it wasn’t the setting they envisioned, this team still left their own mark, defining themselves as a squad that had big hearts and would not quit.  To read rest of story purchase the March 20, 2015 Climax Crescent available March 19 at Quik Stop in Climax, Pease Packing, Scotts, Scotts Country Store and Deli and Scotts Corner Cafe' in Scotts and the Galesburg Hardings Market, or stop by the Crescent 

A Painful Loss For Rams 

Dreams Of Regional Championship End For Lady Rams, 60-43

By Bruce Rolfe

Dreams of returning to the Class C quarterfinals for the first time since 2009 at Galesburg-Augusta were crushed Thursday by Homer in the Regional championship game at Concord, 60-43.

G-A completes the season with an impressive 17-7 record, while Homer takes a 21-4 mark into Tuesday’s quarterfinals against Ypsilanti Arbor Prep (21-3).  galesburg-augusta-sports.php 

• Video highlights from the G-A Vs. Homer Regional championship game at this link - .galesburg-augusta-sports.php

• Photo Slide Show is at this link...galesburg-augusta-sports.php

   A dejected Cody Campbell takes a few moments to reflect C-S' 54-51 loss to Kalamazoo Heritage Christian in Wednesday's District semifinal game at C-S. (Photograph by Bruce Rolfe - property of the Climax Crescent) 

Cold Shooting Down Stretch Does In Panthers In District Semifinals

By Bruce Rolfe

The Climax-Scotts boys basketball team started the game hot, but ended it with a lengthy cold shooting spell that led to a 54-51 setback to Kalamazoo Heritage Christian Wednesday in the district semifinal contest at C-S High School.  climax-scotts-sports.php 


You Can Now Purchase Climax Coffee Beans Online

More Coffee Bean Varieties Will Be Available To Purchase Online Soon; Paying For Your Crescent By Credit Card Online Is Also Available

   Many of you have enjoyed the option of purchasing the Climax Crescent by credit or debit card through our online store below, and now, a limited variety of Climax Coffee beans are now available to purchase through our Climax Coffee web site, Either log onto the climax coffee web site or click the Climax Coffee logo below to be linked directly to our coffee sales. Just follow the purchasing instructions.

We will be expanding the varieties available for online purchases through our web site soon.

Meanwhile, the Climax Crescent can now accept credit and debit card payments for current and new subscribers on its web site -, or at the Crescent office.

  A small additional charge of $1 for a one year subscription and $1.50 for a two-year subscription has been added to offset credit card charges the Crescent absorbs for each transaction. 

  If credit cards are used on the Crescent web site, it is very important that current and new subscribers provide an address so we can credit accounts correctly. It is also important to provide an e-mail address that will remain private in case we need to verify account information.

  The Crescent can also accept credit cards at the Crescent office, however a higher surcharge the the Crescent is charged, will be passed on to the customer for credit card transactions that are keyboarded in by telephone and not swiped through a reader in person.

The Credit card and debit card options is being handled through PayPal. 



50¢ EACH OR 10 FOR $4. MIX AND MATCH (See slideshow below for choices)




Growing Up Magic

By Crystal Rolfe

    Growing up in the small lake village of Colon, I recall the first time I ever saw a real magic trick. It was during the annual Magic Week in August and I was probably around 3 or 4 years old. My folks, my younger sister, baby brother and I lived in a trailer just across the field from the High School. My dad walked with me up town that day with me struggling to keep up with his wide gate.   local-news-calendar-of-events.php


Galesburg Recycle Center Open 1st And 3rd Saturday

The Galesburg Recycle Center, located at the Department of Public Works garage (130 Division) will be open on the first and third Saturdays of each month through September.

The recyling center will be open from 9 a.m. - 2 p.m. The gate will be locked at all other times. 

This service is for City of Galesburg residents only and will be monitored by volunteers. Identification is needed.  

Volunteers are needed and can call Carl Newton at 269-217-3909 for more information about volunteering.



LANSING, Mich. – As temperatures continue to hover around 0 degrees with wind chills at 25 below or colder, citizens are encouraged to be aware of the dangers associated with carbon monoxide poisoning when using alternative heating sources to warm their homes. local-news-calendar-of-events.php

Ray Smith Was Pillar Of Climax 

Former Publisher Of The Climax Crescent Was Dedicated To His Church, Community, Country

By Bruce Rolfe

If there ever was a person you could label as being the ideal citizen, most in Climax and the surrounding area would put Ray Smith in that category.

Ray passed away Tuesday at the age of 94 at the Sterling House Assisted Living Home in Battle Creek where he had been a resident for a brief period of time.

Smith was a pillar of Climax, having grown up in the village he called home for most of his 94 years on this earth.

Visitation for Ray will take place at the Langeland Family Funeral Home, Climax Chapel Monday, November 18 from 2-4 and 6-8 p.m. A funeral service will be held Tuesday, November 19 at 11 a.m. at the Climax United Methodist Church with Rev. Glenn Litchfield officiating. Interment will take place Friday, Nov. 22 at 1 p.m. at Fort Custer National Cemetery.

Memorials may be directed to the Climax United Methodist Church or Climax Rotary Club. Memorial Envelopes will be available at the Langeland Family Funeral Home, Climax Chapel.  To read rest of story purchase the November 15, 2013 Climax Crescent available November 14 at Quik Stop in Climax, Scotts Country Store and Deli and Scotts Corner Cafe' and Pease Packing in Scotts and the Galesburg Hardings 

Ruckus At Climax Township Board Meeting

Supervisor Asks Police To Have Citizen Removed, Calls For Backup

By Bruce Rolfe

Tuesday’s regular Climax Township Board meeting started routinely, but shortly before the meeting ended it became quite lively when a Climax Township citizen was asked to leave the room by a Kalamazoo County Sheriff officer and the Climax Township Supervisor called for police backup on his cell phone.To read rest of story purchase the August 16, 2013 Climax Crescent available August 15 at Sinclairs Market and Quik Stop in Climax, Scotts Country Store and Deli and Scotts Corner Cafe' in Scotts and the Galesburg Hardings Market, or stop by the Crescent 

Climax Man Receives Arrest Warrant Following Incident at Township Board Meeting

By Bruce Rolfe

A Climax Township man who was asked to leave the August 13 Climax Township Board meeting by a Kalamazoo County Sheriff Lieutenant, received a warrant for his arrest for disturbing the peace according to the Sheriff’s DepartmentTo read rest of story purchase the October 11, 2013 Climax Crescent available October 10 at Quik Stop in Climax, Scotts Country Store and Deli and Scotts Corner Cafe' and Pease Packing in Scotts and the Galesburg Hardings Market, or at the Crescent 

     Climax Township Supervisor Don Schultz calls the Kalamazoo County Sheriff's Department for backup after an unruly citizen disrupted Tuesday's Township Board meeting. (Photograph by Bruce Rolfe - Property of the Climax Crescent)


An Incredible 2-Part Story About A Local Man's Courage And The Challenges His Family Has Faced After He Became Paralyzed From An Automobile Accident


When Life Throws A Hardball - Part 1

by Crystal Rolfe

   It’s funny how the older one gets, the more significant and sentimental your childhood years become. Growing up in a small town, under the safety net of family and neighborhood friends who looked out for you and whose lives became intertwined with yours may sound “pollyanna like”, but that feeling of security is what helped us move on when the unfortunate situations of life happened.  And as in most everyone’s life, just when you think you have life under control, life throws you a hardball, and bad, sad, tragic things can happen. local-news-calendar-of-events.php

When Life Throws A Hardball - Part II


By Crystal Rolfe

   While composing the second part of this article I am struck by how much easier it was to write the first.  Even though part one was about difficult physical and emotional realities of life, this second half is more about what can happen afterwards which can often be as traumatic. How do I tell you about what has happened without giving all of the details? That is the technical part which has had me frustrated.  But then again, frustration is where Mark & Deb have been living for the last year and a halflocal-news-calendar-of-events.php


. We've produced a picture gallary from Greater Galesburg Days. see

 Climax is the site of the First Rural Free Delivery. Pictured below is L. Clark and Willis Lawrence delivering mail.


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